DFF is a compact digitization system for independent fashion SMEs who are open to innovative changes in their business model and participating in sustainable action plans. The system offers a number of digital options to create and implement digital content within the frameworks of the business. It is a response to a number of problems arising with the continuation of unsustainable processes in the fashion industry, and by encountering logistical difficulties in critical times such as the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Digital Fashion Framework is motivated by our passion to improve the unsustainable state of the fashion system, and highlight the potential of bringing digital designs and experiences into the every days through emerging technologies. In order to disrupt the current fashion system, the motivation behind DFF looks at revisiting the notion of ‘design process’ and ‘collection development’, and offers an alternative approach to content creation and distribution, while raising awareness around issues related to businesses as well as consumer behavior.

Design processes are often based on a linear timeline, ending up in a line up of potential looks, of the collection in process. This linear stream of design decisions facilitate the seasonal ‘newness’ of the design output.  The goal of DFF is to introduce a mixture of physical and digital design processes, that can expand the understanding of linear thinking, in aspects of materiality (instant material changes in digital prototype, or in case of digital-only designs, material use defying physical realms, such as glass, metal, liquids), as well as variations in design, and product range. 

The digital platform can facilitate a number of new interactions around the digital content, showing consumers new ways of ‘consuming fashion’, and raising awareness on the impact of physical product purchases. Immersive spaces can be created to explore and try on the designs with the help of Virtual Reality. Using Augmented Reality, digital-only products can be part of our everyday life, by ‘wearing’ them as filters on Social Media, digitally fitting them onto images and videos of the owner, or by augmenting content on physical garments, seen through mobile Apps or headsets. The near future directive of DFF (6 months-2 years) is for the digital garments to be used in real life with the help of real-time body tracking and Mixed Reality headsets.