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Immersive Concept

Rüya is ‘reality-bending’ environment with interactive, experimental elements that play with the user’s perception. It combines art, design, and experimental technology.
 The user will be able to interact and modify objects with a pinch of surprise and play, while immersing with the environment using innovative input methods like eye focus, brainwaves, body movements, or sound analysis. Our aim is to create a place for everyone to unlock reality, escape, expand, experience.

Three core functions:

•   The world combines realistic traits with elements and concepts derived from surrealism, to create an experience merging reality and fiction

•  The tracked bodily data drives real-time reactions from the environment, which can be direct results from conscious actions, or indirect changes generated via unconscious patterns

•   The experience aims at developing different spaces with their own interactions and concepts, therefore as it evolves, it can be used multiple times, each time providing a new sensation. We would also like to provide a multi-user set-up, being present in one or multiple `dreams` with others in real-time.

The works created in the experience can be shared and reviewed. COMING SOON

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