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The week-long Creative Lab brings together a select group of costume designers, choreographers and creative technologists to investigate how physical computing, mixed and virtual reality and e-textiles can inform practice when combined with dance and choreography. A Dance of Realms is a VR and real-life performance project, two professional dance artists ‘dance’ with each other in different realms. One of them, wearing a smart costume and a VR headset, dances with the digital world and her partner’s digital avatar, provided by the Rokoko live-stream data feed worn by the other dancer. The smart garment as well as the VR environment with ragdoll control (Unity3D and Rokoko plug-in, with an attached Vive Tracker) narrates the dancers' actions and adds new means of communication. The storyline highlights the essence of human connection and distance, a possible perception of what does it mean to be present, to be together, to percieve each other, and understand ‘self’.

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